Top 10 reasons for failing the Test No 2

You must:

  • make full and effective use of all the mirrors
  • check the mirrors carefully before signalling, changing direction or changing speed
  • use the ‘mirror - signal - manoeuvre’ routine effectively

Any mistakes you make in this area when changing direction will be counted under the ‘Mirrors - Change direction’ fault on your driving test result.

Not using mirrors when exiting a roundabout

You need to take the right-hand exit on a large multi-lane roundabout. When you move from the right-hand lane to the left-hand lane to exit the roundabout, you make no rear or passenger-side observations or mirror checks.

Causing a vehicle to slow when changing lanes on a dual carriageway

When you’re on a dual carriageway, you check your mirrors when changing lanes, but there’s a vehicle approaching in the lane you want to move into. You start to change lanes anyway, causing the approaching vehicle to slow down.

Trying to change lane on a roundabout when a vehicle is directly alongside

When you’re driving on a roundabout, you try to change lanes when there’s a vehicle directly alongside you. The driving examiner has to take control of the steering wheel to stop a collision.

Exiting a roundabout

When you exit a roundabout, you do not check your mirrors and cut across the path of a closely following vehicle to the left-hand side of the car.

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