A Typical Lesson

I realise that the process of learning to drive can be stressful and I will try to ensure that things don't get too full on. You will soon realise that I try to make the lessons I give enjoyable.

I know this is an extremely important subject, but working hard and having a fun leads to a very effective learning environment and having lessons should be looked forward to and not dreaded

Lessons are made up of 3 parts;
The Start
A short recap on the previous lesson, any private practice taken, homework given and a conversation about the aims and objectives for the current lesson.
Lots and lots of Driving and activities to achieve your aims and objectives.
A brief recap of what you achieved and thinking ahead to next lesson and maybe even some homework to do!!!!!
Driving lessons are delivered focusing on you at a pace that is consistent with your ability to take it in. I recognise that people are different and some pupils will pick things up quicker while others will take a little more time… this recognition will help to contain your stress levels. I do aim to gently push this process but never force it.

During the early lessons I will probably drive to and from the work area which will be a quiet area away from busy roads and traffic but as soon as you feel confident enough to you can drive home and I'll help as much as you need to achieve that goal.

Lessons will be delivered in a way that suits your learning style. I recognise that people learn in different ways and I aim to deliver the material in a way that best suits you.

Typically, a new subject is introduced with a briefing followed by practical, the balance tailored to each client. Demonstration, talk through, use of our pictorial plans, iPad apps, animations or we might be stood by the side of a roundabout looking how other drivers deal with them and watching how they judge what a safe gap is. these are all ways I work to help you learn and of course lots of repetition (ensuring you don’t get bored).
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